Courses List
No Course Title Level
1    Sensation and Perception Psychology    B.Sc.
2    Special texts in foreighn languages    B.Sc.
3    Adolt semce problcms    B.Sc.
4    Child Counseling    B.Sc.
5    Exceptional Children Education    B.Sc.
6    Behavior and Affective Disorders    B.Sc.
7    Methods of Modification Behavior    B.Sc.
8    Methods of counselling and Interviewing    B.Sc.
9    Social Psychology in Education    B.Sc.
10    Introduction to Leading and Covncolling    B.Sc.
11    Speach Therapy    B.Sc.
12    Methods of Modification Behavior    B.Sc.
13    Methods of counselling and Interviewing    B.Sc.
14    Job and Educational Guidance    B.Sc.
15    Sensation and Perception Psychology    B.Sc.
16    Research in Psychology    B.Sc.
17    Individual Differences in Children    B.Sc.
18    Individual and Practicable Research in General Psychology    B.Sc.
19    Individual and Practicable Researches in Clinical Psychology    B.Sc.
20    Special texts in foreign languages    B.Sc.
21    Individual and Practicable Researches in Exceptional Children Psychology    B.Sc.
22    Texts of Exceptional Children Psychology to Foreign Languages    B.Sc.
23    Introduction to Leading and Covncolling    B.Sc.
24    Psychology of Play    B.Sc.
25    Adolt semce problcms    B.Sc.
26    Child Counseling    B.Sc.
27    Pre Elementary and Elementary English Text    B.Sc.
28    Advanced Counseling and psychotherapy theories    M.Sc.
29    Counseling techniques practicing in laboratory    M.Sc.
30    Theories and Methods in Family Counseling    M.Sc.
31    Marriage Counseling    M.Sc.
32    Evaluation in family and marriage counseling    M.Sc.
33    Family and Marriage Issues Seminar    M.Sc.
34    Apprenticeship in family and marriage counseling    M.Sc.
35    Thesis    M.Sc.
36    Sensation and Perception Psychology    M.Sc.
37    History of Systems Models - Theories and Rerearches    M.Sc.
38    Theories of Psychotherapy    M.Sc.
39    Application of Psychotherapy Methods-Individual Apprenticeship    M.Sc.
40        M.Sc.
41    Guidence and and cnanceling    M.Sc.
42    Advanced Internship    Ph.D
43    Internship    Ph.D
44    Theories of Personality and Psychotherapy    Ph.D
45    theories and Method of Marital Counseling    Ph.D
46        B.Sc.