Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    The Effectiveness Emotionally Focused couple Therapy on decreasing depression caused by communicatioal problems    M.Sc.    Gorjian mehlabani, Hassan    2010-04-13
2    The study of solution-focused group counseling in decreasing depression among teenage girls    M.Sc.    javanmiri, leila    2011-02-01
3    Effectiveness of PAIRS Marital Enrichment Training Related on Attachment Styles and Emotional Intelligence Couples    M.Sc.    esmailnia, asiye    2011-02-15
4    The comparison Effectiveness of Integrative Behavior Couple therapy &Cogvitive-Behavior on the couple\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Communication Patterns and beliefs    M.Sc.    abbasi, sakineh    2011-02-15
5    The psychological functioning of the family and its impact on the quality of life and self-efficacy and ways of coping of adolescents    M.Sc.    khademian, hossein    2011-03-08
6    Comparing the Effectiveness of Rational-Emotive-Behavior Therapy and Solution-Focused Therapy for Divorcing Couples on Reducing their Marital Problems and Maladjustment    M.Sc.    azadi, zeinab    2011-06-06
7    The Effectiveness Of Practical Application Intimacy Relationship Skills and effectiveness on the Quality of Life and Perceived Social Support in Couples Expecting a Child    M.Sc.    khodadadi, maryam    2011-10-25
8    The effect of group reality therapy on locaus of control and coping strategic students of ferdowsi university of mashhad    M.Sc.    amiri, marzieh    2011-11-22
9    The effectiveness of Group counseling based on Solution- Focused Therapy on Academic motivation and Goal orientation among high school student with underachievement    M.Sc.    golmohamadi, meysam    2012-05-08
10    Considering The Effectiveness of Gottman Method Couple Therapy on relational Believes and Patterns of Disetressed student Couples    M.Sc.    mahroomi, faezeh    2012-10-23
11    The Effectiveness of CODIP on Self-Concept and Enhancement of Resilience and Decline of Externalizing Problem in Children of Divorce    M.Sc.    Hosseini Yazdi, Seyede Atefe    2012-11-06
12    the effectiveness of Rational Emotive Behavior Group Therapy on General Health, Executive functions & beliefs unreasonable in mothers of children with ADHD    M.Sc.    raenaee, zahra    2013-02-28
13    The effectiveness of self-regulation couple therapy on marital satisfaction, identity styles and family problem solving    M.Sc.    Mansouri, Nasibe    2013-03-12
14    the effectiveness of intergenerational family therapy and structural family therapy on redusing conflicts and improving parent-adolescent relationship    M.Sc.    Ghafouri nasab, Javad    2013-03-12
15    Comparing The Effectiveness of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy and Reality Therapy on Divorced Women Adjustment    M.Sc.    shahrokhy, hossein    2013-05-07
16    Relationship between irrational beliefs and cognitive triad with exam anxiety of high school girl students in Mashhad    M.Sc.    shahi, tahereh    2013-05-27
17    Study of the effect of environment color on Learning, attention and acute pain in children with mental retardation (Down syndrome) at the age of 6-9    M.Sc.    gholipour, masoume    2013-06-10
18    The Effectiveness of cognitive hypnotherapy on internal Sense of coherence and social phobia in collage students    M.Sc.    arghabaei, mohammad    2013-06-18
19    The effectiveness of Beck cognitive therapy for reducing panic symptoms , quality of life and beliefs women relationship (RBQ) with hurt faced marital infidelity    M.Sc.    Tabatabaii rad, elahesadat    2013-09-24
20    The Effectiveness of Self Regulation Couple Therapy onEmotion Cognitive Regulation, Emotional abuse and marital disruption.    M.Sc.    Kargar, Mona    2013-10-08
21    The effectiveness of problem solving training through Bedell and Lennox method on conflicts reduction and improving of emotional literacy of teen girls with their addicted parents    M.Sc.    karimi, fatemeh    2013-10-08
22    examining the effectiveness of Psycho- Social empowerment with choice theory on reducing depression and aggression in women with husbands in prison    M.Sc.    mahdiyanfar, farzane    2013-10-22
23    Short-term couple therapy effective self-regulation to improvement communication patterns and reduce marital problems.    M.Sc.    Ehsanifar, Zahra    2013-12-03
24    The Rilationship between body image and intimacy with marital satisfaction    M.Sc.    KHALILI HEZAR JARIBI, ROBABEH    2013-12-11
25    Effectiveness of marital enrichment education (time) on marital satisfaction and spiritual intelligence in married women    M.Sc.    Roghangar, Tayebeh    2014-01-29
26    Cognitive emotional focus therapy and it is effectiveness on suicide ideation and cognitive triad on major depression patients    M.Sc.    sabouri, maliheh    2014-01-30
27    The Effectiveness Study of Dialectical BehaviorTherapy on Borderline Personality Disorder Symptomsand Marital Conflict of Prison Inmates    M.Sc.    VAKILIVARANLOO, JAVAD    2014-03-05
28    the effect of cognitive-humanistic group therapy on communication skills and lifestyle of married woman    M.Sc.    damanjani, masoomeh    2014-03-05
29    Comparing Logotherapy and hope therapeutic effectiveness through group counseling by reducing homesickness and areas of concern for students    M.Sc.    mohamadi, masome    2014-03-11
30    The effectiveness of Solution- Focused group counseling on, marital coping styles, quality of relation and reduce tendency to divorce on distress couples of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    rezazade, hojjat    2014-03-11
31    A Study of the Relationship Between Self- Differentiation and Marital Satisfaction and the Effectiveness of Bowen,s Approach: An Investigation Among Turkish and Turkmen Women    M.Sc.    nilab, reyhaneh    2014-03-11
32    Effects of cognitive- Behavioral Group Therapy and RealityTherapy on Hope, Happiness, and Sense of Guilt on Female Talaba    M.Sc.    nakhaei, fatemeh    2014-03-11
33    Identify Destructive Habits of Married life, Making the Inventory and Determine its Validity and Reliability    M.Sc.    mardkhodayeroodmajani, zeynab    2014-03-12
34    The effectiveness of group dialectical behavior therapy on resiliency and emotional regulation of womens with substance abuser spouse    M.Sc.    Kheradmand, Hajar    2014-04-09
35    The effectiveness of integrative group couple therapy in marital satisfaction improvement attachment styles in conflicted spouses    M.Sc.    khaledi, azam    2014-04-09
36    The effectiveness of emotion control training on social self-efficacy and achievement motivation of Mashhad high school girl students    M.Sc.    AMELI, ATIEH    2014-05-20
37    Survy the Effectiveness of positive thinking skills training on enhance marital satisfaction and locus of control to married women.    M.Sc.    Taymoori, Akram    2014-05-20
38    The Effectiveness Group training Based on Time proje (Marital Enrichment) on women Increasing Marital Intimacy and Mental Security    M.Sc.    tavaloli, tahmine    2014-05-20
39    The Effectiveeness of Communication Skills Training on increasingSocial adjustment and Resilience of young couples    M.Sc.    Moradian, Najmeh    2014-05-20
40    the study of positive psychology components in Mathnavi of Mowlavi based on Seligman's theory    M.Sc.    Esmailzadeh Ghandehari, Samaneh    2014-05-26
41    The effectiveness of Bowen theory on autonomy and solidarity –seeking in girls adolescents 13-19 years    M.Sc.    nemati, seyedeh bahareh    2014-06-03
42    The effectiveness of systemic intigrative couple therapy on marital cunflict and emotional abuse    M.Sc.    ivari, ali    2014-06-03
43    Comorbidity of Religious Commitment, Adult Attachment Style andHappiness with Marital quality in Newly Married Couples    M.Sc.    yousefipour, reyhaneh    2014-06-03
44    Examine the effect of readiness for parenting on increasing perceived social support and improvment of insecure attachment in nulliparous women    M.Sc.    sokhanvar, sajedeh    2014-06-07
45    The Effectiveness of Group Metacognitive Therapy in Improving Adolescents Social Anxiety and Cognitive Flexibility    M.Sc.    Haghi, Elham    2014-09-17
46    Effectiveness of couples therapy by Gottman method on improvement of intimacy and reduce martial problems    M.Sc.    farhad nia, zohreh    2014-09-23
47    Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Psychotherapy in Decreasing Shyness and Increment Social Acceptance in pre school Children    M.Sc.    Eshaghi, Nasrin    2014-11-01
48    comparison and effectiveness of stress reduction methods based on mindfulness and solution-focused therapy in reducing aggression and marital conflicts between couples with addict spouses    M.Sc.    asadolahi, javad    2014-12-16
49    the comparision of Effectiveness of problem-solving skills training by cognitive-behavioral style of michenbaum on problem-solving perception and adjustment of boy students of normal high school and boarding high schools    M.Sc.    arkhodi ghale noei, mahdi    2014-12-22
50    The Effectiveness of Couple therapy based on Gottman’s method of decreasing Emotional divorce, improvement of Verbal - Nonverbal Communication and Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions on    M.Sc.    Rajaei, Afarin    2015-01-13
51    The comparative of relationship patterns identity style in normal and addicted women and the effectiveness of reality therapy intervention focused “need” and “quality of life on this styles in TC center addicted women    M.Sc.    javanmahboob, sima    2015-02-03
52    The Effectiveness of Forgiveness Based on Spiritual Therapy on Decreasing Emotional Divorce, Interpersonal Cognitive Distortions and Improvement of Mental Health on Women with Marital Conflict    M.Sc.    kahani zarei, maryam    2015-04-14
53    : The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment (Act) on irrational bilifs and marital commitment married women referred to Shahrekord’s counseling centers .    M.Sc.    khabazi, Malihe    2015-04-14
54    The effectiveness of marital relationship Enrichment training with Pairs method in pregnancy duration on womens intimacy improvement and self differentiation after child birth    M.Sc.    entezari, fatemeh    2015-04-28
55    the comparetive of effectivness emotional focused couple therapy and PAIRS training on control emotion and self-concious affect in married women    M.Sc.    amani, fatemeh    2015-05-12
56    The effectiveness of emotionally focused group therapy to improving sexual and emotional expressiveniss in women with type2 diabetes    M.Sc.    Ahmadi Bajestani, Bibi Somayyeh    2015-05-12
57    effect of emotional focused couple therapy on quality of relationship and life style of barren couples    M.Sc.    yazdani momrabadi, shima    2015-05-24
58    Effectiveness Of Forgiveness_ based group Therapy On Reducing Anxiety,Aanger and increasing Hope on divorced women    M.Sc.    azarhoosh, nafise    2015-06-09
59    The effectiveness of solution-focused counseling on improving identity style and reducing aggression in adolescent hostel girls    M.Sc.    joghatayi, najmeh    2015-06-16
60    emotional focused cognitive therapy it,s effectiveness on reduce couple problems, destructive addiction and depression related marital communication problems on Conflicted couples    M.Sc.    hashemi, seyyedeh fatemeh    2015-06-16
61    Design, build and effectiveness of a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy with the help of computers (web) based on Family therapy on treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder in children    Ph.D    Delavari, Maryam    2015-06-22
62    Comparing The effectiveness of Stuart operant interpersonal couple therapy with Emotional Focused couple therapy on Attachment injured and Cognitive flexibility on Infertile couples    M.Sc.    Ettehadieh, Sahar    2015-06-30
63    Family psychological function role، identity and attachment styles in adolescence    M.Sc.    fathi, fahime    2015-07-04
64    The effectiveness of self-compassion education on Self-efficacy and academic motivation in high school    M.Sc.    hosseini, fatemeh    2015-07-04
65    The Effectiveness Of Positive Thinking Skills Training on Marital Destructive Habits, Marital Happiness and Relationship Belief of Married Women    M.Sc.    mohity, elahe    2015-09-29
66    The survey of relationship between marital distress, fear of intimacy and reduced self-steem in married women and effect of group therapy method of Gottman on these factors    M.Sc.    barzegar abdol abadi, mahsa    2015-10-13
67    The Effectiveness Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Based on jhonPiacentini On Decreasing Abundance and Severity of Symptoms, Thought- Action Fusion ,Functional Impairment In Childeren with OCD    M.Sc.    khodashenas, ayda    2015-11-10
68    Relationship between self- Differentiation ,Cognitive Emotional Regulation and Attachment Styles in students:The Effectiveness education Bowen system approach on Thate    M.Sc.    shariati, hamid    2016-02-16
69    The effectiveness of Group Hope therapy on Improving useing of Coping Strategies , increasing General Health and Hope on Mothers of Children whit Muscular Dystrophy    M.Sc.    siami, mohaddeseh    2016-03-08
70    The Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy on modify of marital expectations and improve of Psychological Capital in marriage men    M.Sc.    mamizade ojor, muhammad    2016-03-08
71    Compare the Effectiveness of Group Therapy Combination of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with Habit Reversal Therapy Pharmacotherapy in Reducing Symptoms, Depression and Anxiety in Patients with Hiar Pulling Disorder (Trichotillomania)    M.Sc.    eshaghzadeh, samaneh    2016-05-24
72    The Effectiveness of Forgiveness Therapy on Resiliency and Emotional expressiveness Among women Damaged by Extramarital relationship    M.Sc.    pakravan, fariba    2016-05-24
73    The Effectiveness of Group Therapy Cognitive Humanistic on Marital Happiness, Attitude to Life and Cognitive-Emotion Regulation on Married Women    M.Sc.    alizade, shiva    2016-06-14
74    The Role of Combined Temperament Based on Traditional Medicine in Predicting Depression, Anxiety, Anger and Social Functioning    M.Sc.    danesh, zahra    2016-06-14
75    The Effectiveness of training based on change life style on the improve of negative emotions and coherence and quality of marital relationship    M.Sc.    mohamadi, somaye    2016-06-14
76    The Effectiveness of Positive group therapy on Sense of coherence and psychological capital in orphaned girls    M.Sc.    namazi bakavoli, arezoo    2016-06-14
77    The role of marital conflicts on prediction of emotional divorce with the mediation of online social media usage    M.Sc.    Safar Pour, Sharareh    2016-10-18
78    The mediating role of identity styles and social adjustment in the relationship between family structure and school dropout    M.Sc.    piri, hossein    2017-02-11
79    The Role of wisdom on marital adjustment with the meditation of conflict resolution styles and identities    M.Sc.    khalooee, shohreh    2017-02-14
80    The effectiveness of Pennsylvania resiliency Training on stress managment and educational Vitality High school students    M.Sc.    Gholamzadeh, MohammadGholamzadeh, Mohammad    2017-02-14
81    investigate the effectiveness of Datillio’s Cognitive Therapy with Couples on cognitive distortions and negative automatic thoughts among couples with conflicts in Mashhad City    M.Sc.    rezaeian, atefeh    2017-03-07
82    The Effectiveness of Teaching Positive Psychology on Differentiation of Self, Emotional Adjustment and Progress Motivation among Adolescent Girls    M.Sc.    khosrojerdi, azam    2017-03-07
83    The Effectiveness of Group Therapy Based on Acceptance and Commitment on hoplessness, Psychologica Distress and Psychasthenia in women with multiple sclerosis    M.Sc.    heibaty gojani, razieh    2017-03-14
84    The effectiveness of Integrative systematic couple therapy on improving marital intimacy and coping styles distress couples of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    bagherifar, fatemeh    2017-04-26
85    The effect of motivational Counseling on the improve of self-control and resolution conflict styles of couples with addict spouse under methadone treatment    M.Sc.    Einalou, Elham    2017-05-09
86    Make of Iranian version of Controlling Behaviors Scale (I-CBS) and determine its psychometric properties    M.Sc.    amini, hamze    2017-05-16
87    The Relationship between Cognitive Flexibility with Aggression and Working Memory with Intervention of Anxiety in 6 grade Primary School Boy Students    M.Sc.    DEHGHAN HESAR, MOJTABA    2017-07-01
88    Evaluating the psychological profile of suicide attempt survivors and comparing the effectiveness of the self- compassion therapy, functional analytical therapy and their integration on reducion of the further suicide attempt risk    Ph.D    Ghassem Boroujerdi, Fatemeh    2017-07-02
89    The Effectiveness of Group Training of REE(Rational Emotive Education) on Anxiety and Self-Efficacy among youth with Type 1 Diabetes in Mashad city    M.Sc.    amiriyan, mahbobe sadat    2017-07-04
90    Investigating the Factors Affecting Women's extramarital Relationships: Designing, Compilation and implementation of multidimensional interventions    Ph.D    ghafoorian noroozi, parisa    2017-07-11
91    Executive Functions, Emotion Regulation and Quality of Relationship in Couples with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder: Effectiveness of the New Treatment in Couple Therapy with the Focused on ADHD.    Ph.D    Ghahramanzadeh, Melika    2017-10-08
92    The effectiveness of practical intimate relationship skills(PAIRS) training based on self-disclosure, guilt Feelings, and fear of intimacy on distress couples    M.Sc.    Oliyaie, Hossein    2017-11-28
93    The Effectiveness of Unified Protocol Transdiagnostic group treatment in Decreasing Depression related to marital relationship problems and experiential avoidance    M.Sc.    bameshgi, seyedeh mahsa    2018-03-01
94    Comparison of Solution-focused and Supportive counselling based on Self-compassion on Control of behavior and Emotional, Social and Educational Adjustment for Street children    M.Sc.    Razmgar, Mahsa    2018-03-13
95    Considering the mediation role of fear of negative evaluation in relation psychological well-being with educational procrastination and learning styles    M.Sc.    ghaderi, abbas    2018-03-17
96    The effectiveness of psychodrama on emotional expression, interpersonal relationships and the quality of life of married women    M.Sc.    Etemadi, Mehri    2018-04-24
97    the effectivness ifchoice theory training to care givers in social problem solving, caregiver-child relationship, aggression, male orphans and abandoned children    M.Sc.    Ahmadian Hosseini, Niloufar    2018-05-01
98    The effectiveness of acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) on body image,sexual satisfaction and fear of intimacy in suffering from scleroderma    M.Sc.    sarkhosh, mona    2018-05-22
99    Determining the structural model of marital trust using attachment styles with mediating psychological security and emotional literacy    M.Sc.    Mokari, ّFarzaneh    2018-06-12
100    effectiveness of meta-cognitive and cognitive-behavioral therapy of rumination, cognitive fusion, cognitive-attentional syndrome and depression symptoms in older adults with major depression    M.Sc.    Mahmoudi, Mehrnaz    2018-06-12